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Reality's Prism cover Reality's Prism:
Quantum Physics Demystified

The first popular science book about Many-Interacting Worlds and MIWOI.
New insights that change quantum physics from mysteriously complex to simple.

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"Your life's journey is determined by your every observation. That is the understanding of a new scientific theory called MIWOI (mee-woy) in which each of us exists in countless many worlds, each tracing a unique path through time. Via an uncommon blend of popular science and original research, Reality's Prism brings unprecedented clarity and realism to quantum mechanics. Follow along as mysteries of the universe that puzzled the ancient Greeks and Albert Einstein alike are resolved by modern experiments, made understandable with real-world analogies. Not only do we exist in many, parallel worlds, but those worlds interact, as demonstrated by an experiment easily performed at home. A proposed lab experiment may unveil the nature of elusive, invisible 'dark matter' thought to constitute most of the universe. Reality's Prism is a mind-opening, quick, and even fun read for anyone who wishes to better comprehend themselves and the worlds around them."


  • how to easily understand quantum physics, without any math
  • the brief history of scientific advancement that led to quantum physics
  • the new approach called MIWOI (mee-woy) that makes clear sense of quantum experiment results previously thought confusing
  • not only do many-worlds exist, they interact
  • there is no exclusive "quantum realm" or "quantum level," instead observability is key
Worlds that interact:
  • how we can now know these other parallel worlds are not fiction but real and substantial
  • how all worlds exist both before and after an observation
  • see effects from other worlds with a 4-d prism you can easily make at home
  • your world gains information by activities in other worlds, for example:
  • a risky medical test on you in this world can instead be performed in other worlds, while you in this world gain the results -- all without ethical issues because you can know all your counterparts in other worlds have agreed
What it means for each of us:
  • your observations define the life you will experience
  • your personal "quantum DNA" traces your unique path back to the very start of time
  • each world contains an indistinguishably-identical copy of you... until decoherence
  • your counterparts in other worlds are just as real as you, and as a group they tell the full story of who you are
  • there is no absolute size that is universally "macroscopic," instead "macroscopic" is subjective
  • does the existence of many worlds facilitate free will?
  • interaction between worlds is essential to the operation of the Sun, your computer, TV, smartphone, and other electronic devices
  • determine the contents of a specialized bottle without measuring or examining it in any manner
  • combine the power of quantum computers across countless worlds to perform calculations no conventional computer can
  • detect snooping on private communications
  • employ quantum entanglement to influence biochemical processes
  • the three axioms from which all of quantum physics follows
  • whether communication is possible between worlds
  • a theoretical technique to count the number of worlds that exist
  • an easy way to make sense of quantum teleportation and the delayed-choice quantum eraser experiment
  • what can be learned from the Schrödinger's Eraser Cat experiment
  • the relationship between entanglement and knowledge
  • whether everything that can happen, does happen, in at least one world
  • is the Planck mass the largest mass that can interact across worlds?
  • is decoherence a form of entropy?
  • does quantum randomness determine the outcome of some sports events?
  • when a group observes a quantum coin toss, who decoheres first?
  • can you control or influence the outcome of random quantum events?
New possibilities:
  • the author's coherometer invention can make certain measurements with far greater precision than any other method
  • the proposed lab experiment can test whether objects in other worlds account for elusive dark matter and dark energy
  • and more
These things are not fiction: they are being done here and now. Knowledge of quantum physics will power the most breathtaking discoveries of the 21st century. Reality's Prism will open your mind to wonderful new possibilities in your world -- and other worlds.

The Reality's Prism title refers to the nature of the quintessential quantum physics experiment: the double-slit. In much the way a crystal prism separates white light into its constituent colors, the double-slit separates worlds into their constituent reality states.

Reality's Prism is available at Amazon.

Intended audience:

  • anyone with an interest in how the world around them works
  • with virtually no math equations, the text is accessible to both layperson and scientist alike
  • Part I's review of quantum physics history is readable by everyone
  • Part II's Concepts of MIWOI are best understood with at least high-school-level math/science
  • Part III's Dark Coherence experiment is best appreciated by scientists and the scientifically-minded
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For all readers (from Part I):
The Copenhagen Interpretation

For scientists and the scientifically-minded (from Part III):
Dark Coherence Experiment

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