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MIWOI Prediction Supported by Galaxy Collision
Introduction MIWOI (pronouced mee-woy) is a many-worlds model of quantum mechanics in which cohered worlds interact.
Summary One of MIWOI's key predictions is that observed gravitational field strength decreases upon decoherence. This is supported by a 2022 finding about colliding galaxies as published in the May 19, 2022 Nature.
Details According to MIWOI, decoherence reduces the number of worlds remaining with which to interact -- fewer cohered worlds means less matter (across worlds) to contribute to a gravitational field.

The galaxies in the Nature article were found to be moving apart from each other subsequent to colliding. When galaxies collide, their constituent particles interact at an increased rate, thereby decohering relative to each other at an increased rate. Decoherence reduces the number of worlds remaining to interact, which yields a relatively weaker gravitational field. If this reduction leaves too small a gravitational field for the galaxies to combine, they will instead move apart, as was observed in this case.

Some physicists have attributed this behavior to dark matter. For MIWOI, dark matter is matter in other, cohered worlds. The effects of dark matter are a form of interaction across worlds.

Published 2022 August 24

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